A Week For Celebrating

confetti toss

pink off the shoulder top

confetti throw

bestie pic

pink off the shoulder top

bff pic

confetti floor

This has been a week for celebrating! And what better way to celebrate than with confetti?! One of my best friends flew out to visit and I am so happy she was here to be in on the fun! It also happened to be her birthday!!! I met Alma when I lived in Las Vegas and we hit it off right away! She is a very up for anything, sparkly, fun lover- like me:) We have had so many crazy adventures since I met her almost 10 years ago and I can’t wait for more! I am so happy we got to celebrate her birthday with her and spread the sparkle all over Buffalo while celebrating.

I also hit 800 sales in my Etsy Shop this week! I really enjoy coming up with, finding and designing new t-shirts and I love that others are loving it too! I’m thinking I will do a big giveaway if we are lucky enough to hit 1,000 sales. I am always open for special requests and custom orders, just send me an email:)

I am SUPER excited to announce I have been accepted into the rewardStyle community! You can now shop all of my looks using LIKEtoKNOW.it. If you do not use this already, it is a game changer!! With this app you can instantly shop the looks of your favorite bloggers and IGers. Once registered, you can shop my posts on Instagram by ‘liking’ or taking a screenshot and the info will be sent right to you. It is super easy and free! I have done quite a bit of my shopping using this app and I love it, so I am excited to be able to help you shop my looks now too!

This top is only $15!! And comes in multiple colors! That’s definitely a reason to celebrate! So toss the confetti and lets go shopping! Everything is linked below. I hope you are having the best week and look forward to what comes next! I have a few other bits of exciting news coming soon, stay tuned 😉

Shop The Look



A Week For Celebrating

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10 Things About Me

Hi friends! Since I am pretty new here I thought I would share a little more about myself. It has been wonderful meeting a lot of you on Instagram and I am excited to give you a peek at what is behind those IG squares!

jill of all trades

1. It’s hard for me to use periods at the end of sentences! It feels so serious. See?! Especially via text! Any “.” that you see on this site probably started as a (!!) and I changed it so there weren’t so many!

2. I have driven across the country multiple times, once by myself! I love a new adventure and seeing new places so I am always up for a road trip! I have moved from Florida to Las Vegas and back a few times and most recently from Vegas to Buffalo. (My 1st time living in snow EVER!)

3. I moved to Hawaii for a year to work on a cruise ship! This is where I learned to bartend:) The hours were crazy and we worked 7 days a week for 5 months straight but it was soo worth it! I lived on the ship and any minute not working was spent exploring all of the Hawaiian Islands. I’m often asked which island is my favorite, they are all so beautiful and each have a special place in my heart but I would have to say Kauai takes the cake. If you get a chance to visit, make sure to see the Napali Coastline. It is absolutely breathtaking! Especially by boat and helicopter. Seriously start planning your trip now! If you ever have any Hawaii questions let me know:)

jill of all trades

4. I worked at a hotel in Las Vegas for a number of years! I was a Concierge and I must say the benefits were amazing! Since our job was to “know” the ins and outs of the city we were invited to see all of the shows and dine at so many of the restaurants on the strip. I actually gained 10 pounds the 1st month! But let me tell you, it makes the job a million times easier! Also, if you ever have Vegas questions/recommendations I am happy to help!

5. I come from a family of amazing cooks, bakers and bargain hunters! My grandma, mom, and aunts can throw down in the kitchen. Of all of the menus I’ve tried, there is nothing better than a home cooked dinner by one of these ladies, especially my mom:) with dessert of course! And let me tell you about the bargain hunting in my blood. My grandma and great aunts used to be the queens of a good deal and always knew how to find them. Every time I get something on sale (which is quite a bit) I just know they would be proud!

6. My favorite place I’ve ever traveled to is Tahiti! We went to Moorea and Bora Bora for 10 days on our honeymoon and it was the most magical, romantic destination. On Moorea we stayed in a bungalow right on the beach and on Bora Bora we stayed in an over water bungalow! My husband and I had the best time lounging by the pool, drinking at the swim up bar, jumping off our bungalow and scuba diving! Best trip EVER with my love!

Jill of all trades

7. I am both an early bird and a night owl. I love getting up early and working out! If not, it may not happen! But my favorite part of mornings is my time with my husband Tommy. He makes the most amazing breakfast and coffee every morning!! He is the best! I also really do love a late night! Especially if it involves cocktails, dinner and dancing! I’m always in! On the nights we don’t go out, I still like to stay up late and get things done. As you can imagine being both the bird and the owl, I don’t get a ton of sleep, but it works for me:)

8. I love Napa Valley! My husband proposed to me in a wine cave there! He had a limo pick us up from the airport and take us to these beautiful vineyards. When we got to Del Dotto Wine Caves he had a private table set up and designed a special bottle for the proposal. I was so surprised! Then when we got to our hotel, there was a knock on the door and he had another surprise for me, it was my bestie and her husband!! My whole family was in San Fran so the next day we all went wine tasting! Such an amazing trip!

9. Being by water makes me so happy:) I grew up by the beach and wherever we move, I try to be close to some form of water (we currently live right by Lake Erie). Water is so calming for me. I love a day at the beach, on the boat, paddle boarding, kayaking, anything on or near the water is for me. Some of my favorite memories are from family boat days when we were little.

10. I love laughing and hearing people laugh! I am all about good vibes and happiness, it makes me happy when others are happy:) I like to be around kind hearted, positive people that get excited about everything because I get excited about everything too!

And one extra one for you! Because, we are friends now right?

* I absolutely LOVE  to travel but am the worst at packing and unpacking. I usually wait until the last minute to pack and when we get home it can take weeks (eek) to unpack!

I would love to get to know you too! Let’s be friends! You can comment below or find me on Instagram or Facebook. Thanks for stopping by!



 10 Things About Me

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Coral Maxi Dress to Match The Sunrise

coral maxi dress

coral dress

coral pink dress

coral pink dress

coral maxi dress

beach maxi dress



A little known fact about Florida- the sunrises are just as beautiful as the sunsets! When we lived here, my husband and I used to always get up early and run on the beach in the morning. This is when I realized just how amazing that early morning light is! There are no crowds and it’s almost like you are on your own private beach. We would workout and then have breakfast at one of the little cafes on the water like we were really on vacation. It was one of our favorite things to do during our time in Florida. Since we were back home visiting, we decided to wake up early and go catch a sunrise before flying home. I found this flowy light coral maxi dress and knew it would be perfect to wear. Of course I had to carry my favorite new shell bag too! I found these earrings on sale and they are a great match to the whole look! Everything is linked below:)

If you get the chance, it is totally worth waking up early and catching a sunrise every now and then. I would love to see your photos! Happy Monday friends!



Coral Maxi Dress to Match The Sunrise

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Favorite Watch for Summer

vacation watch

beach watch


sea shell sipper

I have official found my favorite watch for Summer! The KLASSE14 Volare Sky Midday! This watch is a beautiful blue/white ombre with rose gold plating and so comfortable to wear. It is perfect for a day at the beach or paired with a cute summer outfit. And it is water resistance which is always nice. I wore this on vacation in Florida and got so many compliments on it! I mean it matches the ocean and the sky! I love that it is so different from any of my other watches too.  Definitely a must when packing for your next vacation or trip to the beach!

You can shop this watch HERE! 

>>Use code “jillofalltradesofficial” and get a 12% off discount at www.klasse14.com<<



Favorite Watch for Summer

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4th of July in Florida

4th of july

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! We just got back to New York and I wanted to share some of our fun from the last week! In case you missed anything on my Instagram and my stories:) We spent the 4th swimming and grilling out with family. My mom mentioned they bought a blow up pool for my niece and nephew so I expected a kiddy pool, but when we got there we saw it was huge!! I had no idea they made this size blow up pool?! My dad even got out the drone and took some fun photos of everyone in the pool. By the way, expect more drone shots coming! I’m already getting a shot list for our next trip. Those things are amazing! After grilling our favorite steak and veggies, we headed over to my best friend’s new place on the beach to watch the fireworks over the water. Have you ever seen fireworks over water before? It is so beautiful! Not only do they look amazing in the sky, but the reflection in the water is magical! The barge that shot them off was super close, so they were huge! My dad actually got a few shots from the drone too. We had such a fun filled day and I hope you did too! More photos and posts from our trip coming soon…

My 4th of July outfit was super comfy! Here are the links to shop:


4th of July

4th of july romper

4th of july outfit

4th of July Toes

4th of July Pedicures with my niece!

Stars and stripes with my mom:)

My cute niece and nephew!

4th of July

Fireworks with friends on the water!


Drone shot!

4th of July in Florida

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Beach Trip Essentials

Here are some of my favorite beach trip essentials! Today I am packing for our trip home to Florida and these are some of the first items added to my luggage. I mean, how cute is this Shell Sipper?! Perfect for all of my mermaids out there;) There are so many fun, round beach towels available right now and this one tops my list! Also, its a cloudy day here, so this tank from our shop is absolutely perfect! This romper is seriously such a good price, so of course I bought it in 4 different prints! I had to right?! Such a great deal and so many fun options. I am super excited about this beautiful watch too! I will be writing more about it next week, so stay tuned!

Links to everything here:

Sunshine On My Mind Tank




Earrings (Similar) HERE.

Shell Sipper


Round Beach Towel with Tassels

I can’t wait to share my home town adventures with you! I will also be adding more recipes and DIY’s in the upcoming weeks! Thank you for following along and happy almost Friday!!


Beach Trip Essentials

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